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Integrated Communication

For most consumers across industries, it is no longer just about brand. It’s about the brand of engagement, and how engagement builds trust. Consumers have always wanted products they could trust. But increasingly, they want to know that they can trust the companies behind these products to make sound choices. NEAK knows how to help companies establish that trust.

At NEAK, we combine deep consumer insights with an integrated approach to brand marketing, and a leading view on social media to reach and engage online influencers.

We know how to drive traffic, build engagement, attract attention and ultimately effect purchase decisions through effective and efficient Integrated Marketing Communications. We develop specific programs that deliver genuine engagements: building communities, deepening brand, inspiring action and ultimately creating commercial return.

Building on our nine years of experience in marketing products and brands, we develop communication platforms that engage consumers in meaningful ways - that over time build trust. Through authentic dialogue, transparent communication and multi-channel approaches, we help clients sustain real conversations and connections with consumers that matter most to their business

Our communication efforts are driven by more than creativity, but research, consumer insights, and awareness of external environments and cultural trends. We build campaigns that reach audiences by culture, lifestyle and interest cost effectively.

The objective to our campaigns is to build more than brand loyalty, but trusted relationships between consumers and the companies behind the brands.

Neak supports our clients to provide effective and efficient Integrated Marketing Communication with our expertise in:

  • Advertisement
  • Public Relations
  • E-Communication
  • Social Media
  • Market Storms and many more
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