Consultancy Services
Branding (Visual Identity, Perceptions)

NEAK’s expertise and experience in branding over the past nine (9) years offers our clients the support to design appropriate Visual Identity as well as influence Perceptions of their customers and related stakeholders favorably.

Our creative powers enable us to keep our clients' brand ahead of the curve as a result from our customized brand audits. We ensure that other aspects of our clients businesses are in line and working as a foundation for success. We ensure that client employees are conducting business to expectation to drive results.

How we do it (Audit programs)

  • Ensure that clients' staff are implementing the correct organizational systems
  • Provide clients with information on how successfully new processes have been put into action
  • Measure the effectiveness and achievement of clients goals
  • Provide data to reduce and eliminate problem areas
  • Offer a hands-on management tool for achieving continuous improvement
  • In view of these we ensure consistency in pricing, product, signage placement, physical evidence, service delivery (processes) and communications.

    NEAK’s quality brand audit programs do not only report non-conformances and corrective actions, but also spotlight areas of excellence and consistency throughout client's company. This evaluation in customer service will provide information that can be used across the organization, ensuring all employees are focused on common goals and bottom line results.

    To fully integrate our brand consulting offering, we go further to provide our clients with the following:

  • Design of artworks
  • Provision and mounting of soft and hard signage
  • Provision and printing of literature materials (including Annual Reports, Newsletters, Calendars, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, etc)
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