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Corporate Branded Items

At NEAK, we offer “Gifts that Speak”. Whether you are thinking of giving business gifts to motivate your staff, appreciate existing customers or attract new customers, you need to select the right, best quality and novelty to meet the purpose. We will help our clients to choose high-quality corporate gifts that will stay in the memory of their stakeholders for a long period of time leaving a lasting impression. We provide our clients with premium products at affordable prices.

“A gift becomes more valuable, if given from your heart”. At NEAK, our professionals offer the right advice while choosing gifts.

Customisation and personalization of gift items are what we do best. We give your gifts the aura of personal touch, which makes them stand apart from other gifts. You can imprint your clients’ names onto your gifts, with the most preferable colours. NEAK provides you with a range of colours, sizes and shapes of gifts to suit your needs.

NEAK has supplying partners in Ghana, other parts of Africa, Europe and Asia to offer that unique and innovative items which always create the impression and appeal to the sensitive side of your stakeholders. NEAK offers the benefits of creativity as well as uniqueness. Our gifts are exotic, youthful and fashionable.

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